Friday, July 15, 2016

Dark days

Someone called to ask what was wrong because my blogs have taken a very "dark turn" as they said.

Well, said I, not every day is a bright and happy one and we all go through difficulties sometimes! In fact, the year I went through my cancer treatments back in 2009, this blog was like a tonic for me. Every day I could share my fears, my triumphs, and my cautions, allowing me to get it all out and helping me to sleep at night. Sometimes just the simple act of writing things down does wonders for me. It truly is medicinal.

So what is there to say that's bright and cheery today? Here it is: tonight the extended family met at the beach to reconnect in the midst of a long hot summer. Beginning on Labor Day and running through Memorial Day, we try to have lunch together every other Sunday all winter long. Not everyone comes every week of course, but for the most part we're able to at least keep track of what's happening in every one's lived because even if they themselves aren't there, someone else from their immediate family can fill us in. But in the summer everyone is so busy we don't see each other as often and tonight we attempted to correct that.

Everyone came with their own dinner and we truly did have fun on the pavilion at Main Beach. The kids could run in the sand, climb the lifeguard tower, or hang with the adults. The adults gathered in small groups and caught up with each other. With two sisters and a brother, spouses, children and spouses, and grandchildren, we are now a formidable bunch. It was great fun.

Once the sun went down, giving us a beautiful sunset to enjoy, we folded up our chairs and headed home. But it felt good to again be part of something very special. There really is nothing like a family.

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