Monday, July 11, 2016


Children have a wonderful way of helping you keep things in perspective.

Today I had grandchildren here all day. There were at least three here the entire day, with others coming and going. It was a great way for me to adjust my world view, which has become a bit altered of late due to some difficult things that have happened in my life. After a day with these innocent, loving, sweet little people I feel more optimistic about the world and life in general. Suddenly I feel that joy will return to me, and this assurance is helping me move forward.

I'm so grateful for the children in my life. They give me the balance that I need and they make me a better person every time I'm with them. They bring me pure joy.

I thank God for my family every day. If God is the foundation of my life, my family is the framework. And everything else hangs on that.

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