Saturday, July 23, 2016


I think the easiest way to lift your spirits is the one that's free and simple: look around.

As I gaze out my window here in East Hampton I'm seeing a world full of beauty and its mine for the taking. There's a beautiful breeze, the windows are open and the air is fresh, and the world is my oyster. Well, sort of anyway. There's plenty to be thankful for right here in my own house, my own backyard, my own little town.

Last night I worked a party up at the historic Mulford Farm. The weather was superb, the setting perfection, and I rather enjoyed all the beautiful people who lined up at the gate to get into this summer fundraising party. It seemed to be the place to be! I didn't get farther than the gate since that's where I was working, but still it was a great night and I loved being there.

I know that I am blessed to live here in beautiful East Hampton. I have family all around me, great friends who watch out for me, and a lovely house to live in. Life is good regardless of the bad things that come along. And I will keep reminding myself of that.


Ben Reichart said...

Indeed. and love the new layout. Looks great

Wordsmith said...

You do,indeed, have blessings to count, and being in EH is one of them! Enjoy today! :-)