Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What happened?

There was literally no traffic today.

This was one of those wonderful June days in the middle of the week that make you love this time of year. After all, the weather is perfect, the landscape is beautiful, and there is so little traffic I could make a left turn onto Main Street mid-day with barely a full stop at the stop sign. I mean, really! What could be better than this?

June, like September, is a month to savor. The crowds are light (and limited to the weekends), the town is stunning, and everyone is happy. In a couple short weeks we'll be dealing with short tempers and too many cars and most assuredly heat and humidity. But right now, for these perfect few weeks, I can sleep with the windows open, get just about anywhere in a reasonable length of time, and run in to lots of people I know and like along the way. This month may be just ushering in the summer for some folks, but for me, it's simply sublime.

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