Friday, June 24, 2016


I always find it interesting when life takes little unexpected turns and things change. It happens in big ways and small ways - job changes, relationship break-ups, disagreements with friends or relatives, all sorts of things happen that stop us in our tracks and turn us around unexpectedly. It certainly makes life interesting!

Recently I've been part of, or observed closely, such incidents and how people handle these abrupt changes is interesting to me. There is sometimes anger, sometimes resignation, sometimes hurt and dismay, but always its upsetting and makes the person involved re-evaluate their life, their choices, their very existence sometimes.

For myself, I'm a person of faith so I see things like this as change for the better, although I can't always see why. As difficult as things may look, I know that down the road there will be answers that are unseen now. Not all change is good and sometimes its painful, but as long as there is a bigger picture, a plan in some great scheme of things, I can live with it. Not always happily, but I'm OK.

I find myself sad though for folks who don't have that assurance of a future in someone else's control. It must be overwhelming not to be able to imagine a greater being somewhere watching over things here. And it makes me grateful that my mother taught me about the peace that comes with faith. I will always be grateful for that.

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