Thursday, June 2, 2016

Spring magic

The weather is perfection today-have I mentioned how much I love Spring?

Yesterday was one of those crazy days where I was running from one thing to another every hour or so. Many of my days are like that, since I don't sit at a desk all day, or teach in a classroom. I'm constantly going from meeting to meeting, back and forth between towns and buildings, often having as many as four buildings in an afternoon. Yesterday was one of those days. And yet I found I enjoyed it all because it was such a great day out there. Somehow the weather effects even our energy levels as well as our emotional health.

Today should be the same. It's comfortably warm and the sky is that perfect blue hue with nary a cloud in sight. With so many beautiful blooms in every direction there's plenty to please the eyes, from the multi-colored irises to the bushes packed with rhododendron blossoms, it's a fabulous time in our gardens and yards. I even have some buds on my peony that are ready to burst. I'm checking it every day in anticipation.

Days like this feed the soul with beauty and appreciation for our surroundings. East Hampton is at its best and the crowds have not descended enough yet to make that appreciation more difficult. It's all good and I'm enjoying every busy minute of it.

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