Monday, June 6, 2016

Sea Breeze

The sea breeze is really knows caking up today and it's making for a really pleasant one. Watching the television weather reports and seeing how hot it is west of here makes me very happy to be living out here in the Atlantic.

I'm pretty much sheltered in place on Mondays, staying in the house with grandchildren on my babysitting day. But now that the kids are gone I'm enjoying the beauty of the afternoon light and cool air flowing through the house. A quick walk around the yard yields some pleasant discoveries: the light pink rhododendron is full of blossoms and the peony is covered in buds. This has been a banner year in the garden and I think that gift is going to continue from the looks of things.

With my husband off at a meeting and dinner, I'm alone with my thoughts on this beautiful afternoon. I'm enjoying the peace in the house now and resting after a busy day. I can make something simple to eat, watch some mindless tv, or spend some time ironing for the next few days. Summer clothes all seem to need ironing, don't they?

Yes, it's been a wonderful day. It started with hugs from grandchildren, with lots of little arms around my neck at various times throughout, and will end with a quiet, cool house, organized for the week. I think I can rejoice in my blessed life right now, and I truly do.

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