Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Clearly it's been a busy week here for me since I've missed posting two days now and realize half the week is gone now. Suddenly it's going to be July and I haven't even fully taken in June yet. How the time flies.

We are bracing here for our big weekend, but not planning much outside the confines of our own home. The roads and the beaches will be packed, and we will welcome the family for our annual July 4th cookout. A typical summer holiday weekend on Accabonac I think. My mother always did a cookout on the 4th and it seemed necessary to continue that tradition. After all, holidays are about family.

Today I'm heading west for an early jaunt to Riverhead. I expect to be home before noon and don't know what the rest of the day will hold, but certainly anticipate it will include family again, as the summer months, with no school and great weather, seems to be all about family. Especially with my daughter's family in town for their annual summer visit. I long to spend every minute with them, but other responsibilities, along with the knowledge that too much togetherness can often backfire, means well chosen moments spent together. Perhaps tonight will be one of them.

Time to get on with the day now. Hope we all find blessings and love in ours.

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