Sunday, June 5, 2016


The rhododendrons are beautiful this year. I only have a couple small bushes in my own yard, but there are some big ones next door that my mother planted years ago. And I've noticed them all over the village in their best dress with loads of blossoms and colorful variation. Next door there are pick and fuchsia ones and they look beautiful in a vase together. I love the big white ones as well and have seen them in other places. The deer have made a mess out of my small bushes and I guess that's true everywhere, but the really big ones, where the blossoms are up too high for them to reach, look amazing.

I keep trying to find ways to build a heavy hedge of green across my back yard where we can see the neighbor's house. I wouldn't mind if it were a traditional building, but it's very contemporary and has large picture windows and doors, none of which have curtains or any other type of covering. Call me crazy, but I don't really care to watch what anyone else is doing in their own homes, and at night they just look like big squares of light. I really don't want to put up a fence, but if I can't get more green to cover the building I may be forced to. The problem is finding plants that the deer won't decimate.

It's too late to grow rhodos because the deer won't give them a chance to grow to the height needed to make good cover, so we'll continue to add evergreens of all sorts, hoping against hope that enough of them will grow to form the barrier we need. The question now is will I live long enough to see the end result? Perhaps not, but hopefully someone will enjoy the benefits of our labor some day.

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