Wednesday, June 8, 2016

On the move

One of the things I love about East Hampton is our appreciation for our history. Today was a good day.

Two buildings that have an important place in our history were moved today. For those that understand the Dominy family of craftsmen and their place in history, it doesn't get much better.

Many years ago-in the 1940's-the old Dominy house was set for demolition. It sat on North Main Street where the family had for many years designed and built furniture and windmills, and repaired and built clocks and watches. Luckily a local gentleman of means bought the two small wings off the main house, one of which held the clock shop and the larger the carpentry shop. He moved them onto his huge estate on Further Lane, connected them with a doorway, and turned them into a charming guest house. And there they've sat ever since.

Until today. As things have been going here on the East End these past so many years, people are no longer satisfied with charming homes set on large acreage. They have to have bigger and better, because they want projection rooms and work out rooms, rec rooms and pool houses. So when the property on Further Lane changed hands a couple years ago, plans were immediately drawn up take down the existing buildings and build newer, bigger ones. (Sigh)

Fortunately the village had only recently enacted the timber frame protection code, which forbids the destruction of any of the twenty-plus remaining original timber frame buildings within its borders.

And so the new owners, through negotiation and compromise, have donated these two small buildings to the village. Today, they were loaded onto trailers, moved off the property where they have resided these past 80 or so years, and slowly made the trip up Further Lane, turning left onto James Lane and onto the back field of the beautiful Mulford Farm where they will safely reside until coming to rest at their final location, back on North Main Street where they began.

What a very special day it was.

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