Thursday, June 23, 2016


We've been doing a project on our driveway this week. We had earlier had it regraded and stoned and have been trying to figure out what to do with the apron. Its a long story and not terribly interesting so I'll spare you the details, but the result is that this week the masonry folks arrived to install pavers on the driveway apron.

They started Monday. As soon as they started cutting the stone the fuse blew and we lost our internet, television, etc. Husband came home and reset it. Tuesday I was out all morning but according to him, the same thing happened again. Now, wouldn't you think that at this point the mason might think to bring a generator, since clearly our house could not handle the power pull on this machine. But no, they returned yesterday and the same thing happened. Only this time it destroyed our router, our modem, our whatever, and we have had no internet for two days. Only within the past hour have I been able to receive my email and do some blogging.

We become so dependent on things, don't we? for so many years a telephone was considered a luxury item. Now every home has to have one. Computers are a more recent example of that same thing. When my kids were young it was rare to have a home computer. They were becoming pretty typical in businesses, but it wasn't until my children started learning about them in school that we decided we needed to save up enough money to get one for the house. That doesn't seem all that long ago now. And yet, here we are, lost when our internet goes down. I need a phone number....oops...can't go online...where is the phone book? I have to get a message to a group of people...hmmm...will have to wait for that until we're up and running again.

The one thing I still bemoan is the evite. I don't want to get an invitation to a party, or special event of some sort, on my email. I want a nice invitation to open, to take to my calendar and record the details, and then to hang on my fridge. Call me old fashioned, I don't care. Its true. But in this impersonal world I just don't think its too much to ask. But I also know that puts me in the category of Luddite, and an old fuddy duddy one at that. Oh well....

It is nice to be able to blog again....

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