Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The grass is incredibly green right now. I'm guessing the combination of enough rain and no real heat yet have worked to make East Hampton take on the look of the Emerald Isle. I've never been to Ireland, but from the photos I've seen our meadows and farms would be a pretty good match right now.

This month has really been really delightful for me-just the kind of weather I love, with cool, comfortable nights and days that quickly warm up to the low 70s with little or no humidity and sunny, blue skies. I've been savoring every one of them, opening my windows wide and not using the a/c in the car for the most part. I'm loving June.

I keep waiting for the ax to fall. The "ax" being those hot humid days I so dread. If we're lucky the rest of June will stay just like this and be a totally perfect month. My only issue is that even with the extra hours of sunlight, there simply aren't enough hours in these most wonderful days.

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