Tuesday, June 21, 2016


So - today's election day in East Hampton Village. That means my job review day.

I've done election days before but they are always a bit stressful. Even at times like this, when we have no one opposed, there is stress involved. What if someone does a write-in campaign? What if no one votes? What if I get the fewest number of votes indicating they don't like me but have no choice? So many things go through my mind.

I am a hard worker when it comes to my elected position but I know that political office is a tenuous thing. It doesn't take much to change things and the "what have you done for me lately" attitude with the electorate is pretty  fragile. It really doesn't matter how good a job you've done for ten or fifteen yedars, if you've made one misstep in the past 6 months you could be out of a job. So I take nothing for granted.

The thing is I really love the job. I think of it more as community service than anything else because it doesn't pay much at all, its more of a volunteer thing than anything else, and I truly do it because I love my home and want to do whatever I can to preserve the best parts of it wherever possible. I know that change is inevitable, but working toward channeling the change is important.

By 9:00 tonight I'll know if my job is secure for the next four years. If not I'll find other ways to go my civic duty, but I really hope I can continue this way. I think I finally have it down now...

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