Monday, June 27, 2016


We have been having some glorious breezes here lately. I really love a good cool breeze!

When we went on our honeymoon we stayed at a hotel in Acapulco Mexico called "Las Brisas". I had been working as a travel agent and for a few years I'd been dreaming of going to this place, which I thought looked to be the most romantic on earth. I studied the brochures we had stacked in the office, with photos of couples lounging around their private pools, beside their "casita" or cottage. It was built on the hillside overlooking Acupulco Bay, high above the city and cool, with the wonderful ocean breezes tickling the trees and bushes.

It was lovely, and with my travel agent discount we enjoyed a luxurious trip we otherwise wouldn't have. Early every morning the pool man would arrive to lay fresh hibiscus blossoms in the water and scoop out the old ones. It was a little it of heaven, for sure. One of my best memories.

So on days like this, where the breeze is blowing sweetly through my house and keeping the temperature comfortable and light, I often think of how wonderful it is to live in a place with such nice "brisas". I may not get fresh hibiscus every morning, but the breeze is really nice.

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