Friday, May 27, 2016


One of the things that bothers me no end is when people leave this area and then have nothing nice to say about it. I mean, you are welcome to live where you want to live, but you don't need to be critical of other people's choices!

It reminds me of someone who might come to your house, leave the next day, and then trash your decor and housekeeping online to all their friends - where you can see it. Really?

I belong to a group on Facebook whose members all grew up on the East End. They supposedly all share a love for the place they grew up. But many of them have nothing nice to say about it. I can't quite figure out what they're doing there. If they hate it so much why bother thinking about it, or visiting it, at all?

I think the issue is they are nostalgic for their childhood. They want to return to the place they grew up,  but it no longer exists. And that would be true no matter where you grew up because everyplace changes, unless its Mayberry, a fictional place that is always the same. No place in this country is the same way it was in the 1950s or 60s. Times change, buildings change, empty lots disappear, people move....this is life in America. So what they really want is to return to their home town and find everything exactly the way it was 50 years ago.

There's a saying that "You can't go home again". Maybe that's what it means. But here's the thing. At the very least remember that some of us still live here, work very hard to make it a great place to still live, and resent it when you trash talk about it. And I don't think I'm being overly sensitive.


Ben Reichart said...

Well said and I totally agree. I hope I haven't been one to add to your frustration. You are correct in that you can never go " home " I learned that when I first joined the Navy, I was gone for four years and returned " home " only it wasn't home any more, it had changed, the people had changed ( they either had grown up or moved ) When I retired from the Navy in my retirement speech I spoke of that, saying it would be the people that I missed most of all, not the places, the ships, and all that. That is what most of us long for I think, the people of our past not necessarily the places. For one is nothing without the other.

Audrey' said...

I love your blog ! It is so true! I know you and I love to in or in our home sweet home Bonac ! Great job Barbara!