Thursday, May 5, 2016


It's too easy to lose track of time here away from home, off my schedule, out of the routine. Suddenly I look at the clock and it's suddenly time to turn in for the night. Where did this day go? What exactly did we do? And what day is this, anyway?

Our days are full, but not our normal. We are busy with the things used to do, such as dropping kids at school and other activities. We are also shopping and enjoying some of the things we don't have at home, like shopping centers and big box stores. And most important of all, enjoying the company of our family. We don't see them enough, living so far from them, so the days are precious here. Time is not to be wasted.

We still have a few days to enjoy here and then we'll be back home and into the familiar routine of it. Life goes on and we have our place in the world. It's a good place and I'm happy there. But happy here as well. And that's truly the best of both worlds.

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