Sunday, May 15, 2016

Super Saturday

This is my idea of a "super Saturday".  The weather is spectacular-sunny, warm, pleasant. The sky is the color of hydrangeas and the breeze is light and refreshing. The trees and grass are bright green, flowers a popping all over the place, and the screen door is bringing in fresh, clean air to the house.

This morning was taken up with a seminar I had to help with, but once home I was able to get two of my planters done so now there are flowers on the deck. I put out some hanging planters a few days ago, along with a couple large geraniums, so the deck is starting to look beautiful, inviting and sunny for the months to come. Once the window boxes are done, the weeds are pulled, and the rest of the pots are filled, we'll be ready for summer. Its been a good day of work and as far as I'm concerned this is what a "super Saturday" looks like - forget the sales and special events that advertise that way.

Tonight we have dinner with friends and then we go see a jazz concert in a small, intimate venue with some talented musicians. Its a great day and it doesn't get much better.

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