Sunday, May 29, 2016


What is it about the summer that makes us want salad? I'm making potato salad for the family cookout tomorrow, and this will be the start of salad season.

I guess its supposed to be "cooler" to make salad. But for me it really isn't. Cooking a five pound bag of potatoes is not cool. The steam that comes off those puppies is brutal! I sweat more making a potato salad than I do making baked potatoes, that's for sure.

I'm guess the "cooler" is in the eating. It certainly is more appetizing to dig into a nice cold macaroni or pasta salad than it is a baked potato or cooked veggies. And its easier to get on the table once the work has been done hours before hand.

Well its also cooler not to eat at all but I suppose that would be impossible, although in my case it might be a good idea. I know on hot, humid days I don't feel much like eating, so that's helpful. But there are times it doesn't matter - food must be prepared and put out, and that means work.

Well today I'll get the salad made for tomorrow. That along with the hamburgers and hot dogs from the frill will make the bulk of the meal. And then the cold, cut up fruit will really be a welcome part of it all. Yum.

It's a holiday and that means family and food. So time to get ready for both....

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