Monday, May 30, 2016


This is the day we honor the fallen.

Some folks seem to confuse it with Veteran's Day and send out thanks to everyone for their service to our country, which is well meaning and always appropriate, but not what today is about. Today is about the millions of soldiers who have died in defense of this place we call home, this America that we love so much, from the Revolutionary War to the War in Iraq and beyond. Its in honor of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, many from right here on the East End.

And more than even that, its to remind their families that their sacrifice was mourned by us, and that it will not be forgotten.

And its to remind us that there is a cost to this freedom and we must never take that for granted. Too much blood has been shed over time in the interest of keeping us free, and no one should ever forget that.

On this Memorial Day I thank God for those who were willing to stand on the front lines, or cross into enemy territory, or serve on a ship headed into harm's way, or drop bombs on cities to prevent them from being dropped onto ours, or face an enemy face-to-face on my behalf. I thank God and I pray that I will be worthy of that willingness and make the most of my time here. May it ever be thus.

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Ben Reichart said...

Well said Barbara. It is a bit of a pet peeve with me, this confusing of the holidays. Memorial Day should be a solemn occasion, a parade is fitting and honors rendered. It is a shame we cannot revert to the original intent and have everyone go to those cemeteries and tombs to clean, care and preserve them. Decoration Day was a more appropriate term I think. Those we mourn should be " decorated " in honored ground.