Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Old friends

We've visited with three old friends this week: one Monday at breakfast and one today at lunch. It served to remind me that some friends are destined to stay forever in your lives, having left indelible impressions on our hearts in years past and left us wanting to reconnect again and again. It is the shared memories, the easy conversation, the pleasure of like-minds and similar hearts that connect us and seeing people like that again is always a joy.

Monday we ate with a childhood friend. This was someone I went to school with for thirteen years, working our way through the difficult years of moving from childhood to adulthood together and creating a strong bond along the way. Shared childhoods is a rare thing to take into adulthood, usually limited to our siblings and other family who manage better to stay in touch through the ensuing years.

Today it was a former colleague, someone who I shared an office with for seven years and continued the friendship outside of work after that up until they relocated and connections became more tenuous. It takes work to stay in touch with those from away. Our lives are busy and full. But friendships are worth the effort.

Three friends in one week, all of which we haven't seen in over a year. And being with our family from away as well. It's been a very good week so far.

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