Wednesday, May 18, 2016

No rain!

It seems as though everyday this week they've been predicting showers on and off. So far we haven't had a drop of rain.

Weather out here on the end of the island is always it's own thing. It's as though we live in a bubble, creating our very own weather patterns as various systems hit the water and suddenly move north or south,or break up completely. So every time I watch the weather predictions I do it with a grain of salt. If there happens to be a heavy, large system barreling through, we'll no doubt get it. But these little variable systems aren't much of a threat usually.

There's still a few showers passing in the next day and we'll see what happens. Maybe one will actually get to the ground, but I'm not too worried. And Friday is supposed to be spectacular, so even if the rain does find its way here tomorrow, the sun will be right behind it. And that's the best thing about the weather! It's here today, and gone tomorrow, always changing and never totally predictable. At least here on Long Island.

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