Monday, May 16, 2016

Moving on

It hardly seems possible that we are halfway through the month of May already, but how quickly the days are flying by. They do seem to move more quickly as we get older. Even the long days go by so fast. Each one is to be savored and none to be frittered away.

This time of the year is especially easy to enjoy, and I am. My yard is full of lilacs and lilies of the valley, two of the most fragrant and beautiful things that grow. I take the time every day to look at them, and to stop and drink in their scent. It is heavenly.

There are garden spots popping in every direction and they are a treat for the eyes following a long winter. I think by August we take it all for granted and hardly notice, but now, as each bloom bursts open, we rejoice. Spring is much sweeter because it follows winter. Now is the best time to enjoy the view.

We are moving on from the showers of April and soon will be ushering in the warmth of June. What a perfect time of the year this is.

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