Monday, May 2, 2016


Visiting in Pennsylvania  makes me question why New Yorkers have such bad manners. And I don't mean New York City folk-I mean all New Yorkers.

We were in a fast food restaurant for lunch today. The folks who took our order were incredibly friendly and full of smiles. While we were sitting down eating our lunch, not one but two people came by to ask how everything was and if there was anything else we needed. Then as we were getting ready to pack up our stuff and leave a nice gentleman came by and said "You have a lot of fries left there - how about I get you a bag and you can throw them in the oven when you get hungry later for a snack!" And he did. Then he grabbed a couple ketchup packets and thew those in too. By that time we had piled our tray with garbage to be dumped into the container on the way out but he took that from us and did it for us.

I was reminded of the last time I went to McDonalds in Southampton. The female voice from inside the box at the drive through chastised me for not pulling up to the second menu board. I hadn't even ordered - or uttered a word for that matter - and I was already getting yelled at. Talk about demoralizing!

We left today smiling. I'm not sure that has happened at a fast food restaurant in New York in a very long time....

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