Friday, May 13, 2016

Lilac time

My lilacs are finally blooming. I went out this afternoon and cut some stems to put in my white enamel pitcher in the kitchen and I was happy to see that most are still tightly closed, but there were enough just opened to make a nice bouquet. The smell is already filling the house.

I should have lilacs for at least the next week or two. Fortunately they will be around long enough to bring me a great deal of joy before they fade for yet another year. I need to prune them back a good deal because some are too high to reach and cutting them back will help bring them all down to a reasonable height for next year.

Lilacs are one of the gifts of May, followed by the azaleas which bring such a variety of color with them. I wish I had some white lilacs to mix in with the lavender but I don't. Maybe I'll go to the nursery and see if I can find one. Hum my. I sense a mission.

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