Thursday, May 26, 2016

In the air

Although the weekend hasn't officially started yet, there's no denying that the feeling is in the air. I think this must be unique to a resort community because it's not the same at, say, Presidents weekend in February. I think it has to do with the hustle and bustle all around as people get their homes ready for "the season". If you call any business about having something done, the answer is the same: "Is after Memorial Day OK?"

Of course for us it always is. With prior experience in retail, we understand in this house how everyone who Summer's out here wants everything in place by Memorial Day. The house must be clean, the lawn immaculate, and the fridge stocked. Because when they arrive Friday night they want to be ready for their fun.

But as those of us who live and work here know, it's just business as usual.

And so regardless of what's "in the air", it's just another Thursday here on Accabonac Road...

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