Friday, May 20, 2016


It's Friday. The best day of the week. We have the entire weekend to look firward to and life is good on Friday.

So far today I've met a friend in the village for breakfast, put a cake in the oven, and picked a huge bunch of lilacs for my kitchen table. There are still quite a few wonderful blooms on my bushes and I may get one more good bouquet before they're done for this year, but it may rain tomorrow and I want to make sure I have some fresh ones in case it's heavy rain and marks the end of these beauties. It's been a banner year for lilacs and I'm so happy because I love them so.

The cake is for tonight. The family is coming for a cookout and we'll be breaking in the new grill. With this the best weather day of the weekend it seemed like a good idea. I still need to take some chicken out of the freezer and stop at the store for bread.

I'll leave the house as soon as the cake is done so I can do a couple errands before going to work at 11. Then home to finish the first potato salad of the season and get ready for the crowd.

This is the beginning of the season and it will be a great one. Because I'm going to make it one.

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