Sunday, April 3, 2016


This morning there was snow on the ground when we woke up. The wind was whipping trees and the noise was significant as a little winter blast reminded us that we weren't quite out of the woods yet in terms of cold weather.

April is....April. Warm one day and cold the next. Showers often, snow possible, but lots of sunny days as well, all reminding us of our lack of control over such things as the weather.

We are ready for summer though. The leaves have been raked up, the yard cleaned of debris and twigs, and the flower beds are ready for whatever we decide to add to them. We have the outdoor furniture uncovered and the screens on the back door, ready for the warm days that will soon be the norm.

East Hampton is waking up from the winter slumber and feeling the anxiousness that accompanies "the season" out here in "summer play land". We know the onslaught is soon to arrive, but at this moment it's a wonderful time to live in this beautiful place. With warm days soon here for good we can take this next two months to enjoy it all to ourselves. The crowds will arrive soon enough, but right now it's all ours and we'll enjoy every minute of it.

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