Saturday, April 16, 2016


Now THIS is what I call a beautiful spring day!

It was pretty chilly when I woke up this morning. The cool air at night has made sleeping such a treat. I think I sleep the best during the spring and fall, with windows opened and plenty of cool air coming into my bedroom. I stay cozy under my comforter and dream lovely dreams.

By noon it was perfectly comfortable with the temperature hovering in the sisters somewhere-warm enough to not need a sweater but cool enough to need long sleeves. The sun was shining and being directly in it felt glorious. In my book, perfect weather.

By late tonight it will be cold again and I'll gladly pull those covers up under my chin. But in another month the days will be warmer and I'll be missing this level of perfection in the air. I will hold on to the memory of this perfect day. With snow behind us and humidity ahead of us, this one will be a memory for sure.

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