Friday, April 1, 2016


Since having cancer, and since becoming "older", I have become fairly accustomed to the constant barrage of medical tests. Between regular check ups with the oncologist, regular physician, and various other specialists, I go regularly to the eye doctor (overdue for that one) and the dentist. So tests are part of the deal.

What I will never get used to is the waiting.

Next week I will see my regular doctor for an annual exam. That means a blood test today so the results will be in her hand when I go. And going for blood work is always trying. It seems that no matter what lab I decide to visit, there will be a long wait time. The last time I went to the lab here in East Hampton the wait was about an hour. That's because the lab opens at 7:30 and since most of us are fasting we want to get in and out as quickly and as early as possible. I got to the lab at 7:15 and there was already a line of about twenty people.

This morning I decided to wait it out at home. It's now 8:15 and I think I'll head over now. There will no doubt still be a line, but hopefully it won't be quite as long as it would have been had I gone an hour ago. Of course, I've been waiting anyway, but at least I'm home where I can do other things while I wait.

I don't enjoy waiting. It's not that I'm all that impatient, but it seems such a waste of time. And in life, time is short. Who wants to waste it sitting in line?

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