Sunday, April 17, 2016


Another stunner here weather-wise and a wonderful day to be in beautiful East Hampton.

Sunday's are great days for being out and about at this time of the year. I remember so well the Sunday's of my youth when it was about church and family. We all went to church, came home to a nice meal, and because there wasn't much else to do (with blue laws in full effect and the stores shuttered and dark), a nice, long Sunday drive. Sometimes it meant a heading east to Montauk to see the lighthouse. Of maybe to Sag Harbor to look at the boats at Long Wharf. Sometimes we even sat in the car by the fence at the airport to watch the little planes come and go because Sunday was a day for the local pilots to get out and enjoy their hobby too. There were only small planes in those days-no jets or helicopters. And they were fun to see land, some with student pilots doing "touch and goes" for practice.

Life was simpler then and The East End a wonderful place to experience it. There was a feeling of optimism in this country in the 1950s, post WWII and pre Vietnam. It was a time of plenty and a time of contentment and this place here was full of both. We loved our Sunday drives, despite being squeezed into the bench seats of a station wagon, my youngest sister between my parents in the front and the other three of us jockeying for position in the back. We visited friends, we saw the beauty all around us, and we were a family. No wonder people remember the 1950s with such nostalgia. It really was a magical time.

And on this stunner of a Sunday I'll be remembering those times all day...

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