Monday, April 18, 2016


We seem to be having a nice string of spring days right now and I can honestly see the change in everyone's demeanor as I go from place to place. There are more smiles and a general uplifted spirit everywhere as I go from church to store to Little League game, following my usual routine. Rain doesn't generally bother me too much but clearly it effects others' spirits and right now everyone is remarking on the beautiful weather. It makes an amazing difference in the way people seem to be.

Spring is especially invigorating I think because it's all about new life and everyone loves to see the trees bursting with buds and color appearing in every direction. I noticed buds on my weeping cherry this morning's my, and the flowering plum my parents planted in their yard 50 years ago is really looking gorgeous with its covering of white blossoms. It's a huge tree now and the it looks like lace, it's most beautiful appearance of the year.

I remember when my father had that tree planted. It was barely more than a twig then, probably about 5 feet in height and a skinny little thing. It must have been a big purchase for them at a time when money was tight because they worked hard to keep it safe, securing it with wire after a hurricane nearly took it over about year three. But it stayed strong and is a sturdy specimen now, albeit still leaning to the right a little. The hurricane changed its shape but didn't defeat it and it remains a testament to my parents-and the tree's- determination. I love seeing it in bloom.

These beautiful days are welcome now as we have plenty to do and never enough hours in the day to do them. And a nice string of spring days is the perfect solution.

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