Thursday, April 14, 2016


Yesterday was a near perfect day for me. It was sunny and warm, but cool enough to need a sweater and not warm enough to to break a sweat, and the sky was a beautiful hue of blue. I had many errands to do and no meetings to attend so I spent the morning grocery shopping, getting signatures on a petition, checking mail, and various other things around the village. The traffic was light, there was construction going on along the roadsides, and there were even mowers out trimming up the grass on some of the village greens. It was totally "spring" in every way, from Main Beach to Cedar Street, and a really wonderful day.

But I said "near-perfect" for a reason. I was shocked to go out at 7am to find my windshield covered with ice. Really?

I don't mind a little cold air, I really don't I like the cold nights and warm days. I don't even mind a little snow in the winter. But I do NOT like scraping ice off my windshield. Having never lived in a home that included a garage I am certainly not spoiled in this area. And I don't mind pushing snow off the car. But ice on the windshield is where I draw the line. During the winter I use a cover that keeps the windshield clear and protects the wipers from ice, which was the death of my wipers every year before I started using it. But now if I suspect my windshield is at risk, the cover comes out.

It never occurred to me to pull out that cover last night. I thought we were beyond the icy windshield issue for this year.

It's a small gripe on such a nice day. In fact I shouldn't even mention it. But I'm just still a bit rattled by the memory of getting into the car this morning ready to drive to the grocery store, only to look at a white window covered with ice. I grabbed the scraper from its place on the driver's side door, climbed back out and cleaned off the Windows, both front and back. Then I turned on the defroster and went back in the house for a few minutes, returning to find a nice clean windshield like I would expect on a beautiful April day.

A near-perfect April day.

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

Mother Nature has a schedule of her own :)