Thursday, April 7, 2016


"Though April showers may come your way....they bring the flowers that bloom in May..." So my mother used to sing to us every April. And so it goes!

More rain today but I know how great this rain is for the bushes and bulbs that are working hard right now to emerge with new life. I so look forward to the azaleas and lilacs. The daffodils are out in force now and there are punches of color everywhere. There is a mass of daffodils in front of the library on Main Street, and I passed a yard full of them in Wainscott on Tuesday. They are such an eye catching pleasure at the end of a colorless winter and I find myself watching for glimpses of yellow when're I'm out and around. I have some minis in my yard, along with a few clumps of larger varieties, and they make me smile whenever I come or go.

They are the true harbingers of spring and begin to prepare us for the jolt of color to come. Rain, that annoying blessing we have with us in abundance this week, is part of the plan, watering the earth and urging the beauty to burst forth from beneath the ground. It's one of the miracles of life and we welcome it here. Because April showers, well, you know the rest....

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