Wednesday, April 20, 2016


That's really the only word for it: popping. Every day the trees are a little brighter, a little pinker, a little more brilliant. Buds are opening up almost before our eyes as the branches that were bare on,y a few weeks ago have turned a pretty spring green and now the most delicate light pink, slowly opening to reveal a deeper, more vibrant pink inside. It really is a daily show that I love watching. One day the tree looks barely pink, the next there are spots of deeper color, then suddenly it's ablaze with it.

The transformation for winter to spring is by far the most impressive. Those dead looking trees and brown bushes just come to life and suddenly, life abounds. It's amazing and more impressive every year.

Perhaps it's the lessons we learn in life that make us appreciate everything more. I know I'm not the only person who feels as though a near-death experience changed the way my eyes view things. Colors are brighter, the fresh air sweeter, and a child's laugh even more musical and life-affirming than ever before. It's inky when we nearly lose things that we truly see them. And spring is a perfect example. I can barely contain my thrill when I see a cherry tree in bloom. Who knew? I wonder if God feels the same joy when he/she watches it all happen every year.

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