Thursday, April 28, 2016


Today we had our first mow of the season. I'm not sure it was necessary yet, but there was something comforting about hearing the mowers race around the yard. Because summer is fast-approaching.

We don't have a very big yard, but we've always mown it ourselves. (I use the Royal "we" here because I have never actually touched a mower. But as a household, we've always done our own maintenance.) I can't remember how many lawn mowers we've gone through but in 40 plus years there have been quite a few. In the last few years that my husband was mowing he made it into a two part job, doing the front one day and the rear the next. He always used a push mower because without a garage we don't have room for a ride-on mower. Then three years ago our daughter announced she was getting someone to do the lawn for us and we've been enjoying that luxury ever since.

So today, with two ride-on mowers racing around the front and back yards at the same time, it took less than ten minutes before it was done. And once again the truth has been realized: it's all about the tools. In so many ways...

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