Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I was struck by how our expectations color our opinions about things that happen to us every day.

Today I was following a crazy schedule and was going from one place to another on an hourly basis. From Southampton to East Hampton, I moved between venues getting things done. At one point I realized I would have about twenty minutes to grab something to eat and then get to my next place so I immediately came up with a plan. I would grab a sandwich and a cookie at my favorite take-out spot, drive to the beach to eat, and then go straight to my next stop.

As I left the place before my short break, I headed to the shop. As I turned into Newtown Lane I recognized immediately that my plan was not going to pan out. The pavers were at work along the entire length of the street. I wound around the cones, carefully following the directions motioned by the workers in charge of traffic control. As I approached the place I wanted to grab my sandwich I could see there was no place to park and the paving trucks would completely block me from parking anyplace nearby.

I sadly headed home to try to find a quick lunch but my mind was so set on that particular sandwich, I could already taste it. Nothing else was going to suffice. Sure enough, I saw nothing in the fridge or cupboards that appealed to me-nothing was going to fill the place I had already planned for that meal at the beach.

I shoved something in my mouth to stave off the hunger and left to head off to the next appointment. I thought about the sandwich that elusive sandwich the rest of the afternoon.

Sometimes it's best not to think ahead too much, lest we set ourselves up for disappointment. If I hadn't, a tuna sandwich would have been just fine.

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