Thursday, April 21, 2016


I'm very happy we haven't had to live with any construction around her house for a very long time. At least nothing of any consequence. For many years we seemed to always be in a construction zone, tearing down walls, changing out windows, adding on - it was many, many years of making this old house secure and comfortable for at least our lifetimes.

Today however, I feel as though I'm in a construction zone again. Not quite a house issue, but after what I'm guessing is about thirty years, we are re-doing the driveway. It's a major project involving regrading, filling, oiling, putting stone down, and it has all the earmarks of a construction zone around here. There are orange cones in the road, heavy-duty trucks parked alongside the road, and lots and lots of noise. Oh, the noise!

This is supposed to be a two day project, but tomorrow they're calling for rain so I'm not sure how that may extend things. The machines are noisy, the men yell to each other, and the driveway is all torn up.

It's a lot like being in a construction zone.....

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