Tuesday, April 5, 2016

28 degrees

Well winter stuck it's cold head back in the door today, just to remind us that it's only April.

When I climbed into the car at 7 this morning the thermostat on the dashboard read 28 degrees. It was the first time I needed a winter coat and gloves in weeks.once the temperature reaches the forties I rarely wear a heavy coat. But today, I did.

This afternoon I left my coat at a friend's house when I left to go home. Because by then the temperature had climbed nicely and it didn't even occur to me to put a coat on. So I turned around as soon as I got home and ran back to retrieve the coat, lest I not miss it and forget where it was.

It looks as though this week will be a roller coaster ride of winter, spring, winter, spring. And so it goes in this, the crazy month of April on the East End of beautiful Long Island. Every roller coaster eventually slows to a stop though and in a few short weeks now it should officially be sweater season.  And I love it here during sweater season.

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Ben Reichart said...

Well you know Mother Nature, think she has menopause !