Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Wednesday's are fast becoming my favorite days.

The only day of the week that I generally have free is Wednesday. There is one Wednesday a month when I have a meeting in Southampton, but generally speaking, Wednesday's are pretty open for me-even more so than my weekends. Today for instance, I was up early and at the grocery store at 7. Then I spent a couple hours at the computer in my home office, catching up on bills and other clerical stuff. Then I was able to take two hours out of my day to answer an ambulance call. Once home from that I grabbed some lunch and then baked a birthday cake for my granddaughter to put in the freezer for Saturday. By the time that was done I was able to sit and enjoy catching up on a television show I had recorded, and now I'm relaxing before dinner. It's been a nice, easy day, but one in which I was able to accomplish some important things. There was no stress and no schedule and I love that.

I need a completely empty Wednesday to work on a sewing project for my granddaughter and since I have that meeting next week, I'm thinking it will be the following one.

I really like my Wednesdays....

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