Sunday, March 20, 2016

Too many

When you get to be my age you realize that life is full of way too many sad goodbyes.

When I was young I never had to say goodbye to any of the people I loved until high school when my grandfather died. And it was years later before lost another dear person to me. I know how blessed I've been.

When I was a bit older and my first good friends move away from The area it was heart wrenching. But then it began to become a regular thing in life. Every few years friends would move on to other places and we said our sad goodbyes.

Then our children started growing up and leaving. More goodbyes. And now it's one thing after another. Family members coming and going, dear friends and family members who die, it seems as though life is one goodbye after another.

I remember my grandmother who was in her seventies at the time, looking off wistfully in the distance saying "I'm just tired of people leaving". I didn't understand the full meaning of those words at the time, but now I do.

Getting older would be so much easier if you always had the people you love around you. But life just isn't that way....

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