Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sweet quiet

I think early spring is especially wonderful out here on the East End. Because along with the sweet weather comes the sweet quiet.

I was parked on Main Street yesterday just south of the commercial core-across from the Presbyterian Church. I had run into the office of the Historical Society there and when I came out I was struck by the beauty of the day. It was chilly out but I had only a lightweight jacket on since I'm not much for heavy coats. The sky was a gorgeous blue and it felt every bit like spring.

Then I got in to the car. Imagine my delight as I looked into my rear view mirror and saw not another car in sight headed in my direction. I could see all the way back to the traffic light and no one was driving in either direction on the road. What a treat. No traffic in either direction, a simple pull out onto the road, and wonderful weather to boot. How often do we see that here in this resort town that sees the most amazing amount of traffic from May through September.

For these weeks coming up, just as it is in autumn, we have this place all to ourselves, peaceful and quiet, with the best weather of the year. I'm enjoying every minute of it.

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Wordsmith said...

That is a rare event! No wonder you were delighted! I've always LOVED EH in the Springtime, for so many reasosns.