Thursday, March 31, 2016


Well sunrise is finally arriving earlier now. By 6:30 daylight is appearing and we're no longer in the grip of darkness. Days are getting longer and summer is coming.

Although April may indeed be "the cruelest month", it's also a
fun month. We're able to watch the earth and sun do their dance in the universe, lengthening our days and warming our air here in the northern states, bringing summer to our doorstep and waking nature all around us. I love watching flowers suddenly appear, trees begin to green up, and life in general return in every direction. The swans are swimming around Town Pond, awaking their yearly spring romance. No doubt the female will soon disappear, busy sitting on her nest down the road at Hook. I've noticed highway crews busy clearing debris at the Nature Trail, cleaning up the fallen trees and other brush that's accumulated over the winter. And the painting has also begun, with fences and houses brightening up before our eyes along the village lanes.

Construction is everywhere. Renovations, new homes, road repairs-it's all happening now, to be ready by Memorial Day as always. The utility companies are replacing lines and repairing boxes and the fallout from winter is slowly being erased. Spring is all about new life and it's evident in every direction.

April. Exciting, fun, and invigorating. It may be cruel, but I love it.

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