Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sunny Saturday

Well it's a beautiful, sunny Saturday here in East Hampton and were it not quite so chilly out it would look for all the world like Spring. With one other exception: melting snow is pouring off the roof and it almost looks as though it's raining when you look through some windows.

The feel of Spring is here, even though we have weeks of winter left. Or maybe it's a mindset, knowing we're close. It's hard to know where the feeling comes from, but today at least it seems like a sunny Spring Saturday. Soon enough we'll be using these Saturday's to get work done in the yard and the annual clean up will begin.

But today we're happily in the house, preparing for a family gathering later this afternoon. We have birthdays to celebrate and candles to blow out and we love any excuse to get everyone together. By the time they arrive, from the way things are looking now, there won't be even a trace of yesterday's snow left on the ground. And that's quite alright with me.

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