Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring sunshine

Today has been a beautiful spring day with bountiful sunshine and daffodils poking out all over town. The signs of spring are certainly here, if not the temperatures. It was barely above freezing early this morning, but warmed up to the high forties by afternoon. Within a few weeks we'll be out of the thirties for good and see many more days in the sixties where most of us love to see it. Spring is a glorious season.

I'm already noticing the things that need to be done around the yard, seeing things like dead leaves that have collected around the deck and hedges, and bushes that could use some pruning. There's something about this weather that draws our eyes to things outdoors where we used to hurry past everything, getting in and out of the car as quickly as possibly to avoid the cold. Now we slow down to breathe in the fresh, clean air and enjoy the warmth of the sun. We notice things now. We see the yard, the driveway, the house in fresh ways and pick up things with more discerning eyes.

Even driving around town wakes us up to the changing season, watching the highway crews working along the roadways and seeing the utility companies digging in various places to get their upgrades done between now and Memorial Day.

It's transition time on the East End. It's also renewal season, and I am feeling invigorated along with the rest of nature. It's a good feeling.

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