Friday, March 11, 2016

Old friends

Today I reconnected with an old friend. What a special pleasure that was.

This friend was someone I went to high school with. We liked each other then, we're not romantically involved, but had many like interests (like music) and had similar ethical standards. He was a good guy.

We lost contact with each other after high school, seeing each other only briefly at a class reunion years ago. But then I recently found him on Facebook. What a great tool that is for finding old friends! So when he found himself coming to town to visit family, he contacted me and asked if we could get together. This afternoon he popped in for an hour or so and it was like old times. We caught up on our lives and our families, discovered that we haven't changed all that much, and realized if we lived closer, we would still be friends.

The best thing about old friends is that we will be forever young in each other's minds.  In our memories we are still eighteen years old, and even seeing the reality of our older selves doesn't change the way we think and see each other in our minds. A
nd that's a nice thing.

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