Monday, March 28, 2016


Its a rainy Monday here with heavy rain early giving way to lighter sprinkles now, but plenty of standing water in low lying spots. Thankfully it held off until after the egg hunts were accomplished yesterday on Easter Sunday.

It was a hectic day yesterday but really nice. The family that was in town arrived after church for an egg hunt and Easter dinner, then, as sugar comas set in all around, we watched old home videos and napped all over the living room. The group didn't disperse until about 5:00 and we missed those who weren't with us, but it was in general a great holiday. Good food and lots of family time are exactly the right ingredients for a perfect holiday.

Today I'll admit to being tired, but glad to have seen another time spent with people I love. I always move on from those days feeling incredibly blessed.

I have no idea how many holidays I'll be around for. When you get to my age, and you've already faced major health issues, you take nothing for granted. Without being somber about it I fully recognize my vulnerability and the briefness of life. I'm the bridge now from the previous generation, gone now and only alive in my memory, to the next one. I feel that place of "between world" where we are totally present here in this one, but aware of the next. Life is full of uncertainties but there are some constants to hold on to, and yesterday was one of them. Love the people around you and hang on to them as best you can. And savor the moments.

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