Monday, March 21, 2016

Last gasp

We woke to a winter scene outside on this Spring morning and it was a beautiful sight. Nice heavy wet snow covering everything but already starting to melt as night turns into day and temperatures climb. By tonight I suspect the cars will be clean again and there'll be few signs of winter's last gasp on the East End. I can already hear the melting snow coming dripping off the gutters and slipping from the roof.

There isn't much life expectancy in this storm but for now it's a beautiful remnant of the winter of 2016, which has been a totally enjoyable one, with a few quick storms that were as quickly gone and little ice to deal with in the aftermath. We never missed a special event or meeting and never had a problem getting around, but there was winter beauty to enjoy for those of us who love it. For now it seems that the heat will soon be off and the snow blower put away while we pull out the summer furniture and prep the lawn and hedges for a summer full of promise.

As winter gives way to spring and the world awakens from its slumber, we'll enjoy this little reminder that the calendar is only a piece of paper and we have little control over any of it. As it should be.

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