Thursday, March 24, 2016

End of March

We may have another week left of March, but it feels like April right now. Yesterday was a gorgeous day.

The morning walk was early-still dark when we left my house to take a hike around the village for the sake of cardiac health. We walked up the hill, down Newtown Lane, back to cut through the Reutershan parking lot and to the library, across Montauk Highway, back toward Main Street, up David's Lane, left onto Egypt and home in just under an hour. By the time we got back to my driveway the breeze had died down, the sun was up, and the day already looked promising.

In running my errands later in the morning I enjoyed a quick stop at the beach to check the surf and then a slow drive past Town Pond on James Lane to see how the swans were doing. The spirit of spring was evident there where the swans seem ready to start a new family.

When I finished my grocery shopping and other errands I headed home for lunch. I left the back door open and closed the screen door to let the fresh air in.  By that time I was wishing I'd worn a short -sleeved shirt because working around the house was getting uncomfortable. So I found some projects to do that allowed me to sit on the couch and watch some TV.

It was a day full of spring-of warm air, sea breezes, and the urge to accomplish. It was a good day.

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