Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Today I've been summoned to town court for jury duty. Two weeks after that notice arrived, I received a similar summons for county court. How nice to be wanted...

I can't remember a time in my life when I've ever been wanted by more than one person for anything. So why is it that with the hundreds of thousands of residents in Suffolk County, I've been so desired? I think this whole jury duty thing is ridiculous. I am more than happy to do my civic duty as long as I can do it within a reasonable distance. But county court can mean driving ninety minutes to Islip. That seems as though cruel and unusual punishment to me. I've heard tell of others who were summoned to federal court in Brooklyn of all places! Really? With literally millions of people within an hour of Brooklyn, they call someone from here? Something is terribly wrong with that system.

Then again, why is it that I've been getting jury summonses for years but others I know have never been called, not once? It seems to me if everyone served once it would be fair. And with computers it should be easy to make sure that's the way it happens.

I'm thrilled to be going to town court this morning to do my service. Then I can send my county summons back to them with a "No thanks! I've already served!"

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