Monday, March 7, 2016


It was a full weekend of celebrations here as both me and my six-year-old granddaughter had birthdays. With her mother away on a school trip, it was especially important to make her day memorable, lest she be sad about the important missing person in the equation. So we worked hard to make it a special time.

Friday, which was her actual birthday, found me up early baking cupcakes for her kindergarten class. It's been many years now since I did a birthday at school-but I do have plenty of experience in that area! I made what she requested,vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting, all from scratch, with the frosting piped onion big swirls and topped with large crystal sanding sugar. They looked great and I knew she'd be pleased.

At 2:15 I headed to the school with cupcakes,yellow paper plates, juice boxes, and paper napkins with daffodils all over them in two carriers. My granddaughter was excited to see me, and her friends excited to see the cupcakes.

I brought her home with me after a quick stop at the toy store for a birthday treat and we waited together for her father to get home from work. Then we  all went out for dinner to celebrate our special days.

Saturday the entire family came in the afternoon to complete the celebration with gifts n birthday cake and then she spent the night with us, drifting off to sleep with a new stuffed bunny in her

I think she enjoyed her weekend of celebrations. I know I did!

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Ben Reichart said...

Treasured moments ! Aren't the grands just the best ?